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DFG Collaborative Research Centre 1444

The Collaborative Research Centre 1444 Directed Cellular Self‐Organisation to Advance Bone Regeneration aims to unravel the basic mechanisms that differentiate between success and failure in regeneration of musculoskeletal tissue using bone healing as a role model.

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Doctoral Researcher of the CRC 1444

Mounir Benamar (Doctoral Researcher)

Correlative approach to study endothelial junction architecture and sprouting angiogenesis in iPSC-derived endothelial cells for different disease models

Wiktor Burdzinski (Doctoral Researcher)

Resolving the Activin A receptor complex and its endothelial function in Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva (FOP)

Chiara Dazzi (Doctoral Researcher)

In silico Investigation of the Mechano-Regulation of Sprouting Angiogenesis during Bone Healing

Ioanna Maria Dimitriou (Doctoral Researcher)

Shaping the inflammatory injury response: Clinical validation of Iloprost as a local immune modulation strategy to enhance bone regeneration - IloBone a phase I/IIa study

Norman Drzeniek (Clinician Scientist)

Next generation MSCs for regenerative purposes - manipulation of the cellular phenotype using biomaterials and non-viral gene transfer

Alexander Fiedler (PhD Student)

Development of in vivo fluorescence lifetime imaging techniques for analyzing the immunometabolism during bone healing

Stylianos Gnafakis (Doctoral Researcher)

ILC and bone metabolism during pregnancy

Rebecca Günther (Doctoral Researcher)

Extracellular matrix coding and reading: Alterations under compromised conditions and consequences for cell behavior in tissue regeneration

Claudia Andrea Gutierrez Garrido (Doctoral Researcher)

Anisotropic hydrogels with patterns in degradation to modulate hMSCs differentiation

Frederik Hamm (Doctoral Researcher)

Epigenetically imprinted senescence in T lymphocytes

Nurcan Haştar (Doctoral Researcher)

Deciphering the brain integrity and modulation of endothelial cell junctions under the control of BMP

Ana Kasapi (Doctoral Researcher)

Regulation of Osteoclastogenesis by the DNA Damage Response

Anastasiia Kirilenko (PhD Student)

Investigates the dynamics of the ECM and vascular system during bone healing at the cellular level

Katharina Koch (PhD Student)

Examines crosstalk of endothelial cells and pericytes in vitro and on-a-chip with a focus on mechano-transducers YAP and TAZ

Anita Kowalcyzk (Doctoral Researcher)

The role of ILC in vascular function and angiogenesis

Iuliia Kotko (MD Candidate)

Deep cellular and molecular phenotyping of T lymphocytes

Marko Leskovar (Doctoral Researcher)

3D Assessment of multi-body dynamics using bi-planar video-fluoroscopy

Alina Liebheit (Doctoral Researcher)

Analyse des Stromakompartiments im Knochenmark bei der Knochenheilung

Paul-Lennard Mendez (Doctoral Researcher)

Understanding the molecular and genetic basis of vascular diseases using in-vitro models

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Till Mertens (Medical Doctoral Researcher)

3D analysis of vascularization and the interaction between macrophages and endothelial cells during fracture healing

M.Sc. Ann-Kathrin Meß (Doctoral Researcher)

Regulatory T cells - the role of phenotypical properties during bone healing and regeneration

Lukas Mödl (Doctoral Researcher)

Ilobone Study

Anne Noom (Doctoral Researcher)

Metabolic alterations in fibroblast subsets during early bone regeneration: Successful versus delayed healing

Hülya Zeynep Oktay (Doctoral Researcher)

Understanding the metabolic adaptation of immune cells during bone regeneration

Carolin Paschke (Doctoral Researcher until 08/2022)

Understand and reshape the impact of obesity/type 2 diabetes mellitus and adaptive immunity on bone fracture healing

Lion Raaz (Doctoral Researcher)

Chromatin organization and gene regulation under physical forces of fluid shear stress in the vascular system

© David Ausserhofer
Adibeh Rahmani (Doctoral Researcher)

Pathophysiology of multiple trauma: the interaction between traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, and bone fracture - studies on adrenergic regulation and energy metabolism

Charlotte Rinne (Doctoral Researcher)

Impact of nutrient regulation on bone-resident progenitor cells, bone marrow adipogenesis and bone health

Mareen Schütze (Doctoral Researcher)

Biochemical and functional characterisation of bone regenerative marrow adipose tissue

Efe Cuma Yavuzsoy (Doctoral Researcher)

The effect of osmotic pressure on tissue growth

Xiaosheng Yu (Doctoral Researcher)

The effect of a-CGRP on cells involved in bone healing

Sijia Zhou (Doctoral Researcher)

Mechanism of Regenerative Cell Action in Osteoarthritis





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