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DFG Collaborative Research Centre 1444

This Collaborative Research Centre aims to unravel the basic mechanisms that differentiate between success and failure in regeneration of musculoskeletal tissue using bone healing as a role model.

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Central Service Project - Principal Investgators

Dr. Simon Reinke

CRC 1444 Central Service Project

Prof. Dr. Carsten Perka

CRC 1444 Subproject 5 & Central Service Project

Central Service Project - Cell and Tissue Harvesting: supply of functionally and immunologically characterised human samples for the CRC research projects

Projects within the CRC will be supported by one central service project: Reinke and Perka will provide all research projects requiring human samples with cells and tissues that will be harvested intraoperatively and characterised functionally and immunologically. They will document the provision of highly characterised human samples through a certified laboratory information management system (LIMS). Reinke and Perka will deliver either (1) fresh ex vivo samples (peripheral blood, bone marrow, fracture hematoma etc.), (2) processed samples (e.g. isolated and cultured cellular components, such as fibroblasts, mesenchymal stromal cells, fracture hematoma supernatant) and allow access to (3) an established bio tissue bank (BioBone, DRKS-ID: DRKS00010872) with currently 515 samples of patients suffering from bone fractures. In addition, this service project will further develop the methods for in-depth characterisation of bio-samples and make them available for future analyses within this consortium.





Founded by the DFG (Project Number: 427826188)
Funding Period 2021-2024