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DFG Collaborative Research Centre 1444

This Collaborative Research Centre aims to unravel the basic mechanisms that differentiate between success and failure in regeneration of musculoskeletal tissue using bone healing as a role model.

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Subproject 8 - Principal Investgators

Univ.- Prof. Dr.-Ing. Georg Duda

CRC 1444, Spokesperson & Scientific Coordinator, Subprojects 8, 9, 13 & Central Administrative Project | RU 2165 Subproject 1

Dr. Amaia Cipitria

CRC 1444 Subproject 8

Hydrogels with spatial patterning of biophysical and biochemical properties to guide osteogenesis

Healing processes are characterized by dynamic microenvironments, where local and temporal control of physicochemical cues orchestrate tissue self-organization. Alginate hydrogels can mimic such microenvironments and allow spatial control of hydrogel stiffness, degradability and presentation of polymer-bound biomolecules. We hypothesize that matrix spatial patterning of biophysical and biochemical cues modulate cell metabolic activity and proliferation, soft and mineralized tissue organization and crosstalk with immune molecules. We aim to use engineered 3D matrices with tunable biophysical and biochemical, in combination with a minimally invasive in vivo model, to test this hypothesis and thereby improve our understanding of physiological bone regeneration and pathological alterations.

Most important results

Guide Cell Behavior

Energy Supply & Consumption | Force Transmission & Sensing

Patterned materials in biophysical and biochemical properties can spatially guide cell behavior, for example, cell proliferation, cell spreading and differentiation.

Garrido et al Biomater Adv. 2023


Claudia Andrea Gutierrez Garrido (Doctoral Researcher)

Anisotropic hydrogels with patterns in degradation to modulate hMSCs differentiation






Founded by the DFG (Project Number: 427826188)
Funding Period 2021-2024