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01.01.2021 To 31.12.2021

CRC 1444 Wolff Lecture Series 2021

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Event for expert public only

For the CRC 1444 community

As part of the Julius Wolff Lecture, the scientists of the CRC network report on the latest results and developments within the framework of the Collaborative Research Centre 1444.

Here the PIs of the CRC projects are presenting their research work that inspired their projects within the CRC. Thus junior scientists within the SFB will learn about the research background of all PIs and simultaneously gain a vast background around the CRC topic of “Directed Cellular Self-Organisation for Advancing Bone Regeneration”. Within this series of talks the scientific advisory board of the CRC is also invited to give talks, thus experts of the field are being heard. During the following years young scientists and further invited speaker will provide a multitude of topics for the CRC research community. Talks are being held online due to the ongoing COVID situation and lively discussions follow each talk providing the necessary exchange within our CRC community and giving young scientist the opportunity to gain experience and expertise.

Organizational and administrative matters


Marie-Jacqueline Reisener: Preparing of a prospective observational study of in vivo fracture movement in patients with fractures of the lower limb using 3 D fluoroscopic analysis (OrthoLoadLab)
Paul Christoph Köhli: The Effect of Traumatic Spinal Cord Injury on Bone and Energy Metabolism – Preliminary Results
Marcel Niemann: Individual Leukocyte Profiles Determine Platelet-Rich Plasma Composition

Maurizio Pacifici (Guest): Activin A roles in physiologic and pathologic bone formation
Bettina Willie (Guest): High resolution peripheral quantitative computed tomography for fracture risk assessment

Viola Vogel (Guest): Mechanobiology of the Extracellular Matrix: How Fiber Stretching Switches the Displayed Chemistry
Louis Gerstenfeld (Guest): The Central Role of Phosphate Metabolism in Fracture Healing: Its Role in The Regulation of Circadian Function and Aerobic Oxidative Metabolism Potentially Through Hippo Signaling

Tobias Winkler & Sven Geißler: Shaping the inflammatory injury response: Clinical validation of
Iloprost as a local immune modulation strategy ILOBONE - a phase I/II a study

Serafeim Tsitsilonis & Matthias Pumberger: The interaction between injuries of the central nervous system and bone metabolism: it´s all about survival

Antigoni Triantafyllopoulou & Andresa Diefenbach: Innate immune modules regulating bone maintenance and regeneration

Julia Polansky: DNA methylation -profiling and -editing in T cells
Hans-Dieter Volk: How to measure and modulate immune response in fracture healing

Stefan Zachow: Medical Image & Shape Analysis @ ZIB
Katharina Schmidt-Bleek: The obscure appearance of fat

Sara Checa: Connecting the puzzle of regeneration through multiscale computer models
Ansgar Petersen: Extracellular matrix mechanics and architecture as cell-instructive features in pro-regenerative biomedical materials

Peter Giannoudis (Guest Speaker): Masquelet technique. An update

Paul Zaslansky & Peter Fratzl: A 3D vision of bone extracellular matrix structure and mechanics

Anja Hauser-Hankel: Application of advanced imaging to investigate osteo-immune crosstalk
Raluca Niesner: Development of intravital imaging technologies of long bones

Georg Duda: Nutrition supply, angiogenesis and early tissue self-assembly in bone regeneration
Holger Gerhadt: Principles and regulation of vascular patterning

Amaia Cipitria: Patterns in Regeneration
Dieter Beule: Data Analysis Ecosystem

Sven Geißler & Carsten Perka: BeWeARe: Effects of implant-derived wear or corrosion products on bone formation and resorption

Adam Tepczynski: Modelling of Mechanical Conditions in the Lower Limb @ JWI

Petra Knaus: It takes Two to Tango: TGFbeta/BMP signaling and Mechano-Biology
Stefan Mundlos: Hierachical organisation of the genome

Georg Duda: Bone healing – a metabolic challenge
Birgit Sawitzki: Co-receptors and Mitochondrial-ER contact sites as regulators of immune cell metabolism

Katharine Schmidt-Bleek: Adaptive Immunity and Regeneration
Tim Schulz: The effects of aging, nutrition and lifestyle on adipocyte formation and stem cell-based regeneration

Event organizer





BIH - Julius Wolff Institut
Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin
Augustenburger Platz 1
13353 Berlin

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