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01.01.2022 To 31.12.2022

CRC 1444 Wolff Lecture Series 2022

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Event for expert public only

For the CRC 1444 community

As part of the Julius Wolff Lecture, the scientists of the CRC network report on the latest results and developments within the framework of the Collaborative Research Centre 1444.

Here the PIs of the CRC projects are presenting their research work that inspired their projects within the CRC. Thus junior scientists within the SFB will learn about the research background of all PIs and simultaneously gain a vast background around the CRC topic of “Directed Cellular Self-Organisation for Advancing Bone Regeneration”. Within this series of talks the scientific advisory board of the CRC is also invited to give talks, thus experts of the field are being heard. During the following years young scientists and further invited speaker will provide a multitude of topics for the CRC research community. Talks are being held online due to the ongoing COVID situation and lively discussions follow each talk providing the necessary exchange within our CRC community and giving young scientist the opportunity to gain experience and expertise.

Organizational and administrative matters


Christian Bucher & Ann-Kathrin Meß: A story about immune cells during fracture repair – the battlefield of CD8+ and CD4+ T cells
Norman Drzeniek: exploring synergies between gene technology and biomaterials

George Soultoukis, Lisa Burkhardt, Charlotte Rinne: The effects of nutrient supply and metabolism on bone homeostasis and immunomodulation

Mounir Benamar: A balance in the Force: BMPR2 as a regulator of endothelial tip-cell filopodia and pulling forces in sprouting angiogenesis
Rebecca Günther: Extracellular matrix coding and reading: Alterations under compromised conditions and consequences for cell behavior in tissue regeneration

Lea Heinemann, Stefanie Donner: The allergic bone marrow? A possible explanation for implant failure

Marko Leskovar: 2D-3D registration methods using bi-planar fluoroscopy
Mark Heyland: Bridging the gap between mechano-biology and macroscopic mechano-therapy in fracture care

Stephan Schlickeiser: A short introduction to single-cell RNA sequencing and its caveats "
Iuliia Kotko: CD8+ T cells beyond conventional classification: chemotactic and functional signatures along their differentiation line"

Claudia Garrido - Guided tissue regeneration through patterned hydrogels with controlled biophysical and biochemical properties

Anastasiia Kirilenko: Dynamics of ECM and vascular system organization in an immune experienced and inexperienced mouse model during bone healing
Tobias Thiele: Directional Vascularisation And Bone Formation
Katharina Koch: YAP TAZ dependent endothelial paracrine signalling- Mechanocrines?

Chiara Dazzi: In silico investigation on the role of the outer-vascular mechanics during sprouting angiogenesis
Erik Brauer: Towards the role of outer-vascular cell mechanics and patterning for sprouting angiogenesis: an in vitro approach

Ana Kasapi: The role of the DNA damage response in osteoclast cell fate decisions

Lion Raaz (Mechanosensitivity of chromatin accessibility and gene regulation in aortic endothelial cells) & Jerome Jatzlau (BMP9 and Fluid Shear Stress regulate endothelial chromatin accessibility and expression of SMAD low affinity target genes)

Victoria Schemenz - Insights to tissue tension with in-vitro and ex-vivo experiments
Efe Yavuzsoy - Insights to tissue tension with in-vitro and ex-vivo experiments

Jay Roodselaar: Combining advanced microscopy techniques to investigate osteo-immune crosstalk
Alexander Fiedler: Longitudinal in vivo imaging of myeloid cells in the fracture gap reveals metabolic heterogeneity

Adibeh Rahmani: Traumatic brain and spinal cord injury inhibit bone formation through overlapping pathways in mice

Anne Noom: Metabolic alterations in fibroblast subsets during bone regeneration
Hülya Zeynep Oktay: Understanding the metabolic adaptation of immune cells during bone regeneration

David Mooney: Robotic-driven muscle regeneration

Luis Lauterbach: Bone and what else? - In vitro cartilage models
Ioanna Maria Dimitriou: Shaping the inflammatory injury response: Clinical validation of Iloprost as a local immunomodulatory strategy for enhancing bone healing

Claudia Fischbach: Engineered extracellular matrix models to analyze tumor heterogeneity

Mireille Ngokingha Tchouto: Multimodel data integration to unravel the spatial distribution of cells during bone healing

Event organizer





BIH - Julius Wolff Institut
Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin
Augustenburger Platz 1
13353 Berlin

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