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18.09.2023 To 22.09.2023

Getting Ahead: Career Advancement and Self-presentation for Female Scientists

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Internal event (Department/Institute)

Female scientist career advancement training

What are you going to do after you finish your PhD research? This comprehensive and intensive career advancement training is tailored for female scientists aiming to make more informed and better strategic career decisions with a view to maximizing their potential to achieve leadership positions whether in academia or beyond.

For those female scientists envisioning a career in academic research, this individualized training will help you to better plan how to achieve scientific independence and recognition as a stepping stone to tenure. For those aiming for a career on the wider market, you will be made aware not only of the major alternative career options and pharma-orientated traineeships that are currently open to you, but you will also be provided with detailed advice on additional courses and skills-building activities to better position yourself for your envisioned career path. We will also talk about how best to achieve work/life balance while combining a career along with family and other commitments. Together, we will develop short- and long-term career goals to ensure that you stay on track. We will also build and optimally design your CV so that you will be more competitive on the job market. Importantly, to further enhance your presentation skills, we will work on how to optimize giving talks with clarity and confidence. This will not only allow you to better showcase your research at international meetings, but also prepare you to give a strong PhD defence. Here, we will assess the content and structure of your own talk as well as your body language and overall delivery style. We will also analyse your slide design and develop strategies to optimally explain them. Moreover, we will cover strategies for handling the question and answer session professionally and confidently. Finally, we will discuss the importance of building, maintaining and expanding your professional network as an essential tool for a successful career in academia and beyond.

Organizational and administrative matters

Event organizer

CRC 1444 & Berlin School for Regenerative Therapies


Vienna | Parkhotel Schönbrunn | Hietzinger Hauptstraße 10-14


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