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Research Unit "Regeneration in aged"

The Research Unit aims to understand the basic mechanisms that hamper the otherwise effective healing process along the two pathways of early immune response and re-constitution of mechanical competence by means of aging. 

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Project 4 - Principal Investgators

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Outer vascular mechanics as an age-dependent regulatory cue in sprouting angiogenesis and vessel patterning

Angiogenesis plays an essential role in bone healing and it is believed that morphogen gradients are the driving factors which orchestrate this process. However, it is largely unknown how the direct mechanical interaction of endothelial cells with stromal cells and cell-secreted ECM assists sprouting angiogenesis. Using a combined in vitro/in vivo/in silico approach, we aim at a better understanding of how pull forces from extravascular cells mediate directed sprouting as well as how they are involved in the stabilization of nascent micro-capillary structures and vessel patterning. We propose that changes in the force balance between endothelial and stromal cells compromises the capability for mechanically assisted angiogenesis in aging and thus affects fracture repair.